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Everything To Know About Tow Bars

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Car has now become one of the most convenient modes of transportation, but when you own a car then you know the importance of the car servicing and its maintenance. But rather than its maintenance, car includes many other factors and accessories.

Tow bar is one of the accessories that can prove to be very useful for the user, if they use it right, it also proves its worth from time to time. Over all it is completely worthy of money. This is because it carries many advantages. One of such advantage of using a tow bar is that you can move any item from one place to another.

What is tow bar?

Tow bar easily gets fit in the down back of your car and then you can attach any item with it to move it. It can prove its worth when you have to shift from one place to another because by making use of the tow bar you can easily drag the boxes of your belongings from one place to another and moreover you can save a lot of money because you don’t need to hire any moving service for your shifting. But before buying the tow bar keep this in mind that you should checkout the pulling capacity of your car. Choose the one that comes regularly in use, so first assume what you need to carry regularly before making the purchase of one. It is also advised that when you go for a towbar fitting then make sure that you install it by taking the help of professionals so that it is rightly mounted of your vehicle and doesn’t get loose.

Types of tow bars

Flange tow bar – this is one of the most commonly used tow bar in which tow ball is bolted with 24 mm of bolts into a tow bar. In some flange tow bar, there are some variations also available because in some bars 4 bolts are used in place of two. These tow bars are available in both type such as detachable and fixed type.

Swan neck tow bar – in this, tow ball as well as neck comes in one piece only. This type of bar is getting very much popular because it is easy to install and adds great value to your car. This type of tow bar is very easily installed and considered as far more cheaper than above one.