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Get Your AC Unit Serviced By Professionals

Regular maintenance and service of different parts of air conditioner is necessary to keep it in working condition. These parts may include coils, fins, filters, drains etc. If you fail to pay attention towards these parts then it can lead to great loss. To minimize such risk, you can hire professionals in Porterville, California and get the unit serviced. If you are facing any problem in your air conditioner then also you can avail their services without wasting any time.

Services offered by professionals

Fins and air filter cleaning

The air filter is the element which captures a huge amount of dust and dirt in the atmosphere and offers you fresh air. In the long term, it may get dirty due to which it fails to provide cool air. In that condition, availing air conditioning service in Porterville California can greatly help you as they will clean and wash the fins and air filters.

Spillage check and drain cleaning

In this procedure a professional will check for any abnormal leakage or water deposition in the unit. If he notices any damage in the tubes and pipes installed in the air conditioner then he immediately fixes the problem.

Coolant level check

While servicing the AC, the technician is also liable to check the level of coolant. It is because if the level of coolant is not as per the requirement then it will directly affect the temperature of cooling coil.Thus, checking the level of coolant is a must.